Flamingos at Sunset

The Photographers Friend

A Poem by Victor Garland

Grey Heron

Shutter speed and aperture are tools of the trade

Autofocus and image stabilisation their collaborators

But true friendship requires constancy and reliability

As dependable as the coming day

It is the sun, that energises and lifts the gloom

It overcomes darkness and stormy days

It is the light of hope and a reliable friend

And the warmth on my back on a beautiful day

Streaked Fantail Warbler

It radiates warmth and incandescent light

And bathes a Heron in Winter sunshine

It delivers rays of hope in Springtime

And resplendent light on a Fantail Warbler

Summer flowers reflect its energy

To compliment the beauty of an island Puffin

And the evening gold of an Autumn day

Signals to an Egret it is time to roost

Little Egret at Sunset
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