Garden Birds of Ireland

You don't have to travel far to see a wide variety of birds in Ireland. The most common garden birds in Ireland amount to over 30 species. During the cold winter months, one way of attracting more varieties to your garden is to place bird feeders in your garden.

You don't have to to any great expense. Start with a feeder for peanuts which you can buy in your local garden centre. You can also leave out stale bread if it goes off. Be careful not to attract rats! If you leave out too much food, you may end up with unwanted visitors. Just put out enough that will be eaten the same day. If there is food left in your garden at night, you are putting out too much.

So try to hang feeders high in bushed or a tree. You could buy or make a bird table which keeps the food off the ground. A water container is a welcome addition in winter as normal drinking sources can be frozen. If there is a long cold spell, remember to add some hot water from the kettle every now and then to thaw it out!

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