Birds of Ireland

Roseate Tern

Roseate Tern

The Roseate Tern is a rare summer visitor, arriving in April to breed and leaving again around October. They are usually found on the East coast near Wexford and Dublin. The largest colony of Roseate Terns in Europe is located in the Irish Sea on Rockabill Island, just off Skerries in North Dublin.

Best Sites

Our Lady’s Island in County Wexford is ideal as they breed on an island in the lake which is close to the shore. Skerries and Dalkey in Dublin are also good sites.

Juvenile Roseate Tern at Skerrirs in North Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/1250 Sec, F11, ISO 400