Birds of Ireland

Laytown Beach

Laytown Beach in County Meath is located between Dublin and Dundalk, not far from Drogheda. There is an extensive sandy beach with huge areas of sand exposed at low tide. This is a popular roosting point for gulls and waders in winter. It is also the location for the estuary of the River Nanny and there are extensive mudflats along the river. There is a foot bridge across the river so you can explore both shores.

In winter there are regularly good numbers of Knot, Sanderling, Ringed Plover, Grey Plover, Oystercatcher and a good mix of gulls,

The shoreline has grassy areas and bushes that attract finches and chats.

Take the M1 motorway from Dublin or Belfast and follow the signs for Laytown / Julianstown / R132 North. Drive through Julianstown and turn right at the sign for Laytown. When you reach the village, you can park in teh carpark at the train station, although this is often full with commuters cars. You can also park about 200 mertres further on, at the entrance to the beach beside the Coast Tavern.


Sanderling at Laytown Beach, Meath: Canon 7D MKll, Canon 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/600 Sec, F10, ISO 320

Lapwing at the Estuary, Laytown Beach: Canon 7D MKll, Canon 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/1600 SEC, F10, ISO 320

Greenfinch at Laytown, Meath: Canon 7D MKll, Canon 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/100 SEC, F8, ISO 320