Birding Locations Ireland

Great South Wall, Dublin

The Great South Wall in Dublin runs along the south bank of the River Liffey where it enters the Irish Sea near Dublin City Centre. It is an impressive piece of engineering given that construction started ove 300 years ago. The wall is quite wide with plenty of room to walk and it is approximately 4 Kilometres long. You can start your walk near the Poolbeg Generating Station with the iconic twin chimneys that can be seen from most parts of Dublin, and walk the full length to Poolbeg Lighthouse.

There are superb views towards Howth Head to your left, and towards the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Wicklow, to your right. You will see plenty of large passenger and cargo ships coming and going, and of course a huge variety of birds. You are likely yo come across several types of gulls as well as Cormorant, Black Guillemots, Kitiwakes, Turnstone, Pied Wagtail and of course, several types of Terns during the summer months.

Members of Birdwatch Ireland monitor the tern colony on a raft in the River Liffey.


Kittiwake at the Great South Wall, Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 1/1000 Sec, F9, ISO 320

Common Tern Dublin

Common Tern at Great South Wall, Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 1/1250 Sec, F11, ISO 1250

Poolbeg Lighthouse at the Great South Wall, Dublin.

Pied Wagtail (Juvenile) at Great South Wall, Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400 Ext, 1/1000 Sec, F8, ISO 800