Birds of Ireland



The Gannet can be seen along the coast of Ireland during Spring, Summer and Autumn. They then spend Winter at Sea.They breed in colonies in remote rocky headlands or islands although they can be seen diving for fish for some distance away from the colony.

Best Sites

You can get a local ferry during summertime from Kilmore Quay in Wexford to Great Saltee Island where there is a breeding colony. Tere is a smaller colony on Ireland’s Eye just off Howth, and Gannets can be seen fishing off Howth Pier during summer time.

Gannet, Saltee Island, Wexford: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4X Ext, 1/1000, F20, ISO 1000

Gannet, Great Saltee Island, Wexford: Canon 7D MKll, 70 - 300 Lens, 1/500, F10, ISO 100