Birds of Ireland



The Chiffchaff is fairly common in gardens, woodlands and farmland throughout the country. It usually arrives in Spring and stays until late Autumn. A small population remain here in winter.

Best Sites

Sites where you are likely to find chiffchaff in summer include Turvey Nature Reserve in North Dublin and East Coast Nature Reserve near Newcastle, County Wicklow.

Chiffchaff, Donabate Demesne, Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400MM Lens, 1/600th Sec, F9, ISO 500

Chiffchaff, Newcastle, Wicklow: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400MM Lens, 1/800th Sec, F6.3, ISO 500

Chiffchaff, Ward River, Swords, Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400MM Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/1000th Sec, F13, ISO 640

Chiffchaff, Caveā€²s Marsh, Malahide Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 70 - 300 Lens, 1/2000 Sec, F5.6, ISO 200