Birds of Ireland



The Buzzard is resident in Ireland and its numbers are boosted during winter by visitors from Britain. It is common throughout the North, East and South of the country, but scarce in the West and South West.


Best Sites

Anywhere over open farmlands and wetlands and often seen over motorways!

Buzzard at Oxford Island Nature Reserven, Lough Neagh, Armagh: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400 Lens, 1.4 Ext, 1/1200 Sec, F11, ISO 2000

Buzzard at Turvey Park in North Dublin: Canon 7D MKll, 100 - 400 Lens, 1/3200Sec, F14, ISO 1600

Buzzard, East Coast Nature Reserve, Wicklow: Cannon 600D, 70 - 300 Lens, 1/400 Sec, F16, ISO 160