Birds of Ireland

Brent Goose

Brent Goose

The Brent Goose is a winter visitor to Ireland, usually arriving in October and November. They migrate from Arctic regions of Europe and Canada and usually return north in April. You will typically find them in coastal wetlands and tidal estuaries throughout Ireland.

Best Sites

Sites where you are likely to find Brent Geese in winter include Rogerstown Estuary, Broadmeadows Estuary and Bull Island in Dublin.

Brent Goose, Broadmeadows Estuary, Dublin: Canon EOS 600D, 75 - 300MM Lens, 1/1000 SEC, F6.3, ISO 200

Brent Gees, Bull Island, Dublin: Canon 7d MKll, 100 - 400 MM Lens, 1/800 Sec, F5.6, ISO 160

Brent Geese, Broadmeadows Estuary, Dublin: Canon 600D, 75 - 300 MM Lens, 1/320 SEC, F5.6 ISO 100