Birdwatching Ireland

This site features the birds of Ireland with photographs of birds in different locations throughout the country. Send me an email with directions and information about birding sites in Ireland that you would like me to feature. I will add a new gallery to the site after my visit - Victor Garland

Birds of Ireland Photography Locations

Ireland is an ideal place for bird watching. There are hundreds of birding locations where bird watching or bird photography can be enjoyed. We have an abundance of seabirds as well as a wonderful variety of land birds. Our country is easy to get around and it includes natural farm lands, parks, mountains, rivers, lakes, canals and nature reserves.

Check out the gallery entitled "Garden Birds Ireland". It has photographs of the most common garden birds in Ireland according to Birdwatch Ireland, 

This site is a showcase for both residents and visitors who are interested in the birds of Ireland. It is also a guide to locations for bird photography. Please send details of bird locations in Ireland not covered here and I will visit the location and create a photo gallery. I would especially like to hear from local branches of Birdwatch Ireland around the country. 

All of the bird watching locations in Ireland featured on this site are on the East Coast as of Summer 2020. Plans to venture further afield were impacted by lock-down and restrictions on travel because of Covid 19. And the wet and cloudy weather this summer didn't help. If you have suggestions for birding sites anywhere in Ireland, please click on "Contact" in the menu above to dend details. I will visit the location and add a gallery to this site. I will also add it to the locations page with Sat-Nav co-ordinates.

If you are out birdwatching and you come across a rare or scarce bird anywhere in Ireland, you can submit a sighting report to or simply send an email to This provides information to others who might want to visit the location. 

If you are not a member of Birdwatch Ireland, you should consider joining as it is very much involved in the conservation of birds and their habitats in Ireland. Visit         

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